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Closer Than Ever


Janet Miller’s Good People Theatre Company always puts on a good show. I subscribe to Sirius Radio and often listen to the Broadway Channel. It was there on that channel that I first heard Maltby and Shire’s Closer Than Ever, a musical review that traces the evolving love lives of the four characters who inhabit the piece. Ms. Miller has assembled a very talented cast consisting of Sara J. Stuckey, David Zach, Gabriel Kolames, and Jessie Withers. They all have first-rate voices. Corey Hirsch is the outstanding musical director and plays for the actors on a grand piano located in a new performance space The Hollywood Piano Store located at 323 North Front Street in Burbank. The score is magnificent but unfortunately had a very brief run. Hopefully it will return. The New York Times described the piece as “more than devilishly clever”. The show celebrates the patterns in our lives that bring us “Closer Than Ever.”