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Bunny Bunny: Gilda Radner A Sort of Romantic Comedy


I approached Bunny Bunny, a play about Gilda Radnor and her friendship with Alan Zweibell with some trepidation. Gilda was such a unique talent I couldn’t see how anyone could capture her essence in a play. I was wrong. Alan Zweibell was a writer for Saturday Night Live and a dear friend of Gilda’s. He was, in fact a little in love with her. Theirs was a complicated relationship, sexual without being consummated. What it was two comic minds meeting in a glorious round of laughter.

Director Dimitri Toscas has assembled a brilliant cast who have tons of improv history individually. I don’t believe they were ever part of the same troupe. However Bunny Bunny is a perfect example of the possibility of an improvisational technique resulting in a pretty good script. The whole evening has the feel of improv but is obviously well rehearsed.

Brendan Hunt plays a laconic Alan and does so with sad sack looks and great humor. Erin Pineda is a marvel as Gilda. One even forgets that it is an actress performing and not Gilda herself. Her Gilda is a masterful creation, No less important is the work of Tom Fones who plays a myriad of other characters, all exactly focused and extremely funny. I highly recommend this play. It doesn’t answer all the questions but it sure is delightful.