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Twilight Zone - Unscripted


Impro Theatre is perhaps the best improvisational group in town. They currently have nine different styles of shows to draw on. The styles include Jane Austen, Chekov, Dickens, L.A. Noir, Shakespeare, Sondheim, Tennessee Williams, Western, and Twilight Zone. In order to prepare for these presentations the group immerses themselves in the authors work and then without any pre-planning or prepared scenarios, the actors use their verbal dexterity, their physicality, and their imagination to bring about some of the most hilarious theatrical experiences an audience member is likely to have.

The group consists of an Artistic Director (Dan O’Connor, and thirteen regular members, plus one guest artist. The cast rotates throughout each run On the night I went the cast consisted of Brian Michael Jones, Brian Lohmann, Mike McShane, Dan O’Connor, Paul Rogan, , Lauren Rose Lewis, and Michele Spears. They perform four sketches a night, all improvised (even the sound and light crew wings it) with suggestions as to an object, a location, an occupation all come from the audience. The show is different every night. The show is directed ( though I am not sure what that means exactly) by Jo McGinley and Stephen Kearin. For a wonderful and fun night in the theatre GO SEE THIS.