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A Sinatra Christmas


Henry Prego has been having quite a run at the Encore Dinner Theatre. He has been featured singing Sinatra songs for over a year now. Obviously a favorite of the audience, he has put together a special presentation for Christmas with the help of two superb performers, comedienne Frances DiLorinzo and a terrific singer Elijah Rock. They are backed up by a bevy of pretty chorines who bring some added beauty to the proceedings.

Frances DiLorenzo is that rarity, a truly wonderful woman comedian. For some reason audiences often find it hard to accept a funny lady but Ms. DiLorenzo easily won over this sold out crowd. She says he secret is that, unlike Phyllis Diller or Roseanne, she doesn’t base her comedy on her physicality (she is tall) but rather on her normalcy. Her stories and observations are very funny and her routine involving breast size is a riot.

Elijah Rock is a triple threat (actor/singer/dancer). I recently saw him present a show about the first famous Black opera star Roland Hayes. He was brilliant and in this Christmas show proves that he can cross over to more traditional jazz and standards. What an electrifying voice and presence.

Henry Prego himself, got off to a slow start and seemed distracted but by the second half he was delivering “his Sinatra” in the style that has made him so popular. The concert he created is a unique way to celebrate the holidays. As always the food served was gourmet and delicious.