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Peter Mac: Judy Garland: The Lost Easter Special


At the urgings of fellow critic Don Grigware I went to my first Peter Mac show at the French Quarter Restaurant in West Hollywood. Unlike other Garland impersonators, Peter Mac does not make fun of Judy nor her frailties but rather give a real tribute performance of her songs and style of singing. He is considered to be premiere tribute artist doing Judy Garland.

Mac changes his shows every month to keep the audience coming back. On this particular occasion he performed a “Lost Easter Special” that Judy Garland performed (with great liberties taken) on television. It may not be the actual show but it certainly has the feel of those family specials she did on television. Mac brought with him special guests DJ Schaefer with a spot on impersonation of Bea Arthur, Alissa Cote as Lorna Luft, Gloria Gale as Liza Minnelli, and David Marker as little Joey (he is over 6 feet tall). Each of these guests had their own number while Mac changed clothes (terrific Easter-colored representations of Judy gowns). Mac also performed with them and several highlights were Gale and Mac singing “Put On A Happy Face”, “Bosom Buddies” with DJ, and “Couple of Swells” with Cote. Mac himself sang many Garland classics, “From This Moment on”, “Carolina in the Morning”, “Trolley Song”, “Suwannee” and of course “Over The Rainbow”.

The most impressive aspect of the show was how Mac gave his all, like Judy, with much of the same passion and artistry. He repeats this concert Friday April 15th and Saturday April 15th at The French Market in West Hollywood. His upcoming concerts will be April 20, 21, 27, 28th where he will perform Judy Garland’s Complete Carnegie Hall Concert.