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Avenue Q – Doma


I have to admit I went to the Doma production of Avenue Q with great trepidation. I had seen several productions of Avenue Q, including an excellent one in Las Vegas, which everyone said was better than Broadway. To my great surprise and delightful pleasure I am hear to report that the production by Doma is first rate. First off it was directed by Richard Israel who is fresh off a terrific production of The Full Monty and recently directed a successful production of 1776 in Thousand Oaks. Richard did a good job of getting this difficult show on its feet.

Secondly, the cast, all wonderful, had bothered to go to puppet school so as to learn all the moves. All the twists and turns, puppet handoffs, and doubling were smooth and skillfully done. The cast must have worked hard to accomplish this, school or no school.  Thanks to the work of puppet master Libby Letlow, the working of the puppets comes off flawlessly. This is the best production I have yet to see Doma present. Keep up the good work.

It would be impossible to single out the cast so I will just list them: Benai Boyd (Gary Coleman), Janelle Dote (as the bossy but sweet Christmas Eve), Danielle Judovits (a superb Kate Monster and Lucy), Christopher Kauffmann (Princeton and Rod), Chris Kerrigan (Brian), the above-mentioned Libby Letlow (Mrs. T Bear), and Mark Whitten (Nickie, Trekkie Monster, Bear). All these guys have good voices and it was a pleasure to hear them sing those amusing lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx. The heart felt message of the show to never give up, be easy on yourself, and let yourself mature ring as true today as when they first appeared on Broadway. This first intimate production of Avenue Q runs until Dec 16th. See it if you can get a ticket.