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The Psychic


For several years now Garry Marshall and his daughter Kathleen Marshall have been presenting plays at their beautiful small theatre in Toluca Lake. Generally they represent the kind of plays that you might expect them to present, basically sitcoms with some very funny writing. He certainly knows the people in Hollywood who wrote sitcoms and it is very generous of him to provide them with a venue for their output. Hollywood’s treatment of writers, especially older writers, is famously unfair and reflects Hollywood’s obsession with youth.  The sad part is many of these writers are still writing and some pretty funny stuff. Take for example the current offering at The Falcon, The Psychic by veteran writer Sam Bobrick who wrote Norman Is That You, Murder at the Howard Johnsons, and he has earned three Writers Guild Awards for his writing on television.  He may be most known for having created Saved By The Bell. The man knows how to write comedy.

The Psychic (subtitled a murder mystery of sorts) is a trifle of a piece but could have a life in dinner theatres or community theatre around the country. The story involves a young man, Adam Webster played with charm by Jeffrey Cannata, who decides to raise some cash for his utilities by putting a sign saying “psychic” in his window. In comes in a very classy lady, Laura Benson  (the beautiful Dana Green) who tests his “powers. He, unwittingly, makes some guesses that turn out to have the ring of truth about them. What follows is a parade of characters that figure into another characters prophecy. Cyrus Alexander plays the cheating husband of Laura. Bridget Flanery Is his mistress played a bit over the top by Bridget Flanery Then in comes Bubbles, hysterically realized by Richard Horovitz who makes the most of his small stature to steal many of the laughs. The final clown (that’s what they are) is Detective Norris Coslow played by the very funny Phil Proctor, a well-known voice actor and member of the Firesign Theatre. There is a final twist at the end that works up to a point but the ending could be more inventive. The Psychic plays at The Falcon Theatre until April 18th.

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