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Goodnight, Darling/God Natt, Elskede (MHzReleasing/DVD/ 2009)

Murder mysteries never seem to fade away in our collctive consciences. Every country on earth has had killings, rational and otherwise, and they each have developed a culture to explain it. Norway’s “Goodnight, Darling/God Natt Elskede” from seven years ago wasn’t apparently a huge hit for its populace, but MHz Releasing has done us all a favor by putting it in front of us.

In this three-hour-long series, failing musician Terje Lyngmo (Gard B. Eidsvold), reduced to tuning pianos with his perfect pitch’d ear, desperately steals an expensive camera from a woman’s car in a service station and manages to use it to capture a murder happening in the home next to the mansion he’s working at, tuning a rich guy’s piano. 

We see Per Raglo (Stig Henrik Hoff), through his bathroom window, drowning his wife, Fru (Elsa Lystad), who is nagging him about something personal (think Trump).  She dies and Terje sees a major answer to his on-going poverty.  And that’s when the series gets deep and violent.  

The well-conceived plot has Raglo turning the tables on Lyngamo, resulting in an unfortunate death of an innocent, while Terje’s girlfriend, Laila Svaney (Linn Skåber, a real-life terrific singer of American romantic ballads) keeps him sane, while Raglo’s scheeming bitch-of-a-mistress, Hilde (Marte Engebrigtsen), a gorgeous blond hussy, does what these kind of characters do best:  scheem for their own benefit.

Writer/director Tor M. Tørstad handles it competently, and the three hours make for a reasonable watch.  Norway is beautiful and the score is effective  Not a bad show to know.