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Cyberwar Threat (PBS/DVD/2015)

As the 21st Century ambles on, life’s complications multiply. For instance, what has passed for non-negotiated warfare in yesteryear used to be fairly simple:  you attack or invade us, we’ll retaliate in kind. Or to situate it into the 1950s phrase, “Mutually Assured Destruction” (MAD, indeed!). 

But today we are watching the promise of a new kind of battle/war:  CyberWarfare, wherein your level of computer pits itself against our level of computer; may the better computer(s) win!

But as opposed to all previous wars and levels of destruction, if one is attacked, it’s really hard to know from whence the attack came; no vapor trail, no unexploded bombs to dissect, no armies wearing insignias of the enemy to be found.  Just cyber destruction in the electrical grid, water and oil extraction devises, even your automobile you are theoretically in charge of on the road.

Cyber Digital Warfare could – and will – end up being more destructive to human civilization than any previous wars.  Think about it.  Some clown in another country will be able to turn off your power at home, clog your freeways by turning off your Internet cars and trucks, and disrupt air and sea transportations and other horrors.  The same way our clowns will be able to inflict similar damage on other nations (or individuals).  An example would be when either Israel or the U.S. sent worms into the vast computers that Iran was using to create nuclear bombs and shut them down for months.  Excellent – except it could happen to us and, according to the documentary, most of U.S. companies are not protecting themselves against these kind of hacking attacks.

James Bamford and Chris Schmidt have done a bang-up job of explaining what this new technology is and how worrisomely it will impact on all of us – soon, if we don’t figure out how to protect our national and home-based grid, interviewing many knowledgeable folk.

So, scary? Oh, yes!  Happening tomorrow?  Probably not, but apparently no one knows for sure.  Therefore banks, gas stations, power companies, etc., had better get on the ball and protect our ways of living, the stuff we’ve come to accept as a norm, with more usage ahead of us instead of letting us die in the dark.

Great PBS Nova show.  Now, let’s all pay attention.