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Moose On The Loose

Years ago, the Tappino family left their homeland in Italy for a better life in America. Somehow or other, they ended up in a small and very cold town in Canada. It probably wasn't what they were searching for, but they remained there in Way Up Bay. There was Pina (Laura James) and Rodolfo (Jack Kutcher), the older members, and Maria (Constance Mellors) and Giuseppe (John Cygan) the next generation. Maria and Giuseppe begot children, Gina, (Dina Morrone), Carmela (Corinne Shor), Joseph (Nick McDow), and Bruno (Johnny Ferretti), and the children had children and they became a large Italian family in a small rural town in Canada. No matter, it was not easy for "The Older Generation" to give up their traditions and accept the mores of the new generation. And that is what this very funny play, Moose On The Loose, written by Dina Morrone and loosely based on true life events, is all about.

And what does a moose have to do with this chaotic family? Well, it seems that in the small town of Way Up Bay, on one particular weekend, the big news was that a moose had wandered out of the bush and had been seen roaming around in the residential neighborhood. That same weekend, the family was planning a family reunion with Gina returning from her job in Rome with special news, Carmella arriving in town with husband Darryl (Michael Lorre) and son Timothy (Grant Venable), and Bruno finally bringing his longtime girlfriend Honabigi (Jemma Bosch) to meet the family. Need I mention the older generations' dismay over the fact that Darryl is Anglo and not Italian and that Honabigi is a Native American? How could the family ever cope with the younger generation?!

When Giuseppe decided to hunt down the moose with a gun (illegal, of course), he ended up in jail. That was when the hullabaloo broke out in the lives of the Tappinos that brought them all to the moment of change in their outlook on life.

Peter Flood directs this wonderful comedy. His cast is absolutely ingenious; their characters hilarious, their timing so precise. And believe it or not, there really is a moose in the show performed alternately by Eric Allan Kramer and Tom Badal, both of whom also play the Chief. Jeff Rack's set design presents a warm, cozy home in the heart of cold weather in Canada.

Moose On The Loose is being presented at Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West, in Hollywood. Due to popular demand, it has been extended through July 24th. It plays Friday and Saturdays at 8 PM (doors open at 7 PM), and Sundays at 2 PM (doors open at 1 PM). For reservations, call (323) 851-7977 or go online at Highly recommended.