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The Psychic

It isn’t true that only younger people can write plays, movies, etc. that are up-to-date and appealing to audiences. Take for instance, the charming and well-written play being presented at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. The playwright is Sam Bobrick (b. July 24, 1932), an award-winning veteran writer of stage, film and television and the play is a World Premiere Comedy, The Psychic.

The Psychic is about another writer, Adam Webster, (the very appealing Jeffrey Cannata), who is experiencing writer’s block and is desparately in need of money. In order to earn some fast cash, he puts a sign in his basement apartment window: “Psychic Readings $25.00.” His first “client” to appear for help is the lovely Laura (Dana Green). When Laura requests Adam to give her a reading, he admits that he has no psychic powers. But when he somehow makes a reasonable prediction to her, through Laura, a number of other people arrive at his door expecting to get help from his as well.

Each of these characters include Laura’s unfaithful husband Roy (Cyrus Alexander), Rita (Bridget Flanery) Roy’s “other,” Rita’s “other, “mobster Johnny Bubbles (Richard Horvitz), and eventually, Detective Norris Coslow (Phil Proctor.) Why a detective if this is a comedy? Because soon we have a murder mystery on our hands and someone has to solve it, comedy or not!

The actors, under the astute direction of Susan Morgenstern, add a great deal of pizzazz to their characters. Horvitz is particularly hilarious as Johnny Bubbles. The basement apartment (every character in the play has something to say about it!) is the work of Jeff McLaughlin. For an evening of fun entertainment, I recommend The Psychic playing through April 18, at the Falcon Theatre, 4252 Riverside Drive in Burbank. Tickets are available at the Falcon Theatre Box Office, (818) 955-8101.

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